Wednesday, May 20, 2009

R3 VLCD #More - Macadamias Smell Like Wax

...and it sort of grosses me out. I really like them in, say, COOKIES, but I don't think that would have the same desired effect I'm striving for here. 

I lost a half pound today! It doesn't seem like much but I have been hovering around 119 for the last week. So here I am at 118.5, popping another round of macadamias in my mouth. They DO have a delightful sort of crunch... almost buttery in a way. So in my eyes - the macadamias tentatively worked. I'm going to try another few days and see how things go. SEE HOW I AM SACRIFICING MYSELF IN THE NAME OF EXPERIMENTATION?! Well, I suppose it isn't really sacrifice if I'm going to get some good out of it too :] Not to mention it's kind of nice to eat something besides the normal P2 diet. The crunch! It's just so satisfying!

Last night I went to happy hour with T, A and K. T, my best friend, is moving to Denver in a week and a half :[ This makes me a saaaad sad panda. But really, she doesn't belong here in Phoenix. She's much more of an outdoors-y, green, not-desert kind of person. She will thrive in Denver, but will be sorely missed. So tonight is a sort of going away party for her, held simultaneously with a club event that someone we know is throwing. I don't think I'll have any wine since I had some last night, but we'll see :]

The REAL test will be Saturday, her actual going away party barbecue. It'll no doubt be tough to stick to protocol then, but I'm going to, because it will be the second to last day of injections! I can't screw things up that late in the game! Time will tell :]

Eater of Waxy Nuts (HA!),



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