Friday, May 15, 2009


OH. MY. GOD... It's YOU!!! How are you?? OMG you look FAAABBUUULLOOUUUSSSS! It has been so LONG! What HAVE you been doing? Are you still with that one guy? Still working at that one place? I'm soooooo glad to see you're doing fabulously. You're just so completely fabulous.

Sorry to stay away so long. I am notorious for starting blogs and then growing tired of them and abandoning ship for a while. I think I pressure myself into posting every day, and then when I miss a day or two, I think it's futile and all is lost and I stop. You should see how many different LiveJournal accounts I have. I'm taking up so much space on the web that they're gonna go all airline on me and start charging me for TWO seats. 

But now I'm back! From outer space! I just walked into see you here with that sad look upon your face! *boogies down*

But in all reality... I'm doing fantastic. My P3 didn't go quite as well as the first time... I was soooo tired of P2 and was getting weak which you can see if you recap my last few posts. SOOOOO in that nasty little grey area when you are no longer injecting but supposed to eat 500 calories per day, I sorta let loose. A lot. And then some more. Topped with even more with some MORE mixed in shakennotstirredthankyouverymuch. 

My LIW was 122.5 and I got up to a whopping 127 (insert horror movie scream here). Shaaaame ooooooh the shame!! 

SO! Here I am on P2 again, this time REALLY for my last time. I learned my lesson, I cannot CANNOT cheat those last few days of 500 calories, no matter how much justification I try to feed my hungry little sugar-starved brain. I am looking quite wonderful if I may say so myself, and I will :] THIS is a new feeling. Not just being OK with how I look but actually feeling HOT! I big puffy pink heart it a lot! 

And guess how much I weight? Guess what IIIII broke into just this morning?!?! 

THE TEENS! I'm 119! (insert Price is Right winner music here - circa Bob Barker NOT Dana Carvey)

I could not be more thrilled (unless of course I had magically dropped 4 more lbs and gotten to my final goal of 115 - but I do have a TOUCH of realism in me, I promise). The last few days I was getting a little mentally wishy-washy, wondering if I should just stop now instead of finishing up. I ALWAYS do that when I am about to reach a goal! I must not! I haven't been cheating, just toying with the idea of P3. I think I thought what Amie once told me - that I didn't think I COULD get below the 120s. That it was just unattainable even though I have abnormal fat left. It was just a mental block. But now I have opened the flood gates and feel great :]

Well I am sorry that I didn't keep up with you guys better - I will now go peruse your journals and see how you have been doing :] 

All the best,

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