Monday, May 18, 2009

R3 VLCD #Something+some more - Home Stretch

Alright people! Did you all have good weekends? Relaxing? Crazy? Blow-Your-Brains-Out Dull? Good good! Good to hear :]

We're in the final stretch! I'm still at 119, I got down to 118.5 on Sunday, but then ate every sample in sight at Costco. SAMPLES aren't supposed to count as real food! I thought that the oatmeal cookie, chicken pasta, and cream puff were completely devoid of calories. Evidently not. I don't know where I get my information but it's BADBADBAD. But the rest of my round will be as cleeeeeean as something reeeaaaaaally clean. 

I'm sure it will come off tomorrow, if not that and then some. My final injection is this coming Sunday, and I am hoping to get down to 115, which has always been my final goal. Can she do it? Can she overcome all obstacles and be successful? Can she completely ignore the chocolate covered pomegranate bits in the cupboard(yesterday I evidently couldn't)? Tune in all this week to find out!

I have a BUNCH of hCG left, it's currently camped out in my freezer right behind the orange roughy. My friend B told me on Saturday that she is ready to take the plunge and change her lifestyle. She has been through a LOT in the last year, and wants to shed old habits and start anew. So I'll be giving that to her whenever she wants it.  

I think that's about all I have for you today... I'm suddenly craving about 100 grams of ground beef. Haven't a clue why, but I think I'll go have some :]



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