Tuesday, May 19, 2009

R3 VLCD #Something+MAS - I'm Nuts About Macadamias!

Hellooooooo party people!

I didn't lose that .5lb today... boooo. I had secretly predicted that I'd lose 1 pound, but nothing. Oh well. I hope I have a "woosh" in store tomorrow or SOMETIME before Sunday! But it really isn't TOO big of a deal, because I really like how I look now :D

SO! I read something interesting on HTA this morning. Someone on there read somewhere (someone told me that they told you that she told him that they told us that SHE said...) that a few macadamia nuts each day while on P2 increases weight loss a lil' bit. And THEEEENNNN a few people in the thread TRIED it and it worked for (most of)them! Seeing as how I haven't lost anything in the past few days, and that I am really happy with how I look nooow, I thought I'd give this little experiment a shot. The worst that could happen is that I don't lose, and that's not really a traumatic issue at this point. The BEST that could happen is that I lose more each day for the following 6 days and get to my 115 goal! Or beyond (fat chance)!!!!

So I moseyed on over to Sprouts this morning and got myself a bag of raw macadamia nuts! They were pretty tasty, although I DO prefer the salted ones. Most nuts I like raw, but these are just kind of bland. I ate 6.5 of them, which according to The All-Knowing Church of Google, equals about 130 calories. I worked waaay more than that off running this morning so we're all set! We'll see how it turns out tomorrow a.m.

I'm 'bout ready to be done with this mess. I want to eat normal food again. But not badly enough that when I go off the injections I fear I am going to pig out. I have definitely found an inner peace with all of this... my body, food, life in general. 


And THAT, my friends, is ALWAYS cause for celebration.

Happy Feet,


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