Wednesday, April 8, 2009

R2 VLCD #24 - A "Moving" Experience

Well I lost that .5lb today, just like you guys said I would! Wheee!! Tomorrow I am expecting more loss... in the Smooth Move category. I hadn't had a BM in like a week and a half or something, so I had some unfair buildup. I'm not taking magnesium or anything, so I haven't really been helping myself in that category. But I like my Smooth Move! And I never gain anything after I take it, so I feel like my losses are somewhat legit. In a normal eating situation I'd not have this much crap (literally) inside of me!

Soooooo I took some around 3pm yesterday, hoping I'd wake up in the middle of the night, have a (in my experience, Not So) Smooth Move, and go back to bed. Well this wasn't the case. I felt a little rumbly before bed so I thought I was on the right track, but when I woke up for our run, still nothing. 

I debated not running, but I consulted S and he just said "well just get as far as you can, and if you feel things start to move, then just head back". Logical, yes. I think my brain was just crying "SLEEEEEP! GIVE ME AN EXCUSE TO SLEEP MORE!" So I went. 

I got almost all the way to the gym, when I felt those oh so familiar feelings when you know things are a-stirrin'. I walked for a moment, thought I was ok. So we ran again. NOPE! Time to go back! So I kissed S goodbye and turned around and started running home. I got about 1/2 mile more before I HAD to stop and walk. Srsly, I was about to run it right out of me!!

The rest of the journey home was... uncomfortable at BEST. I may have had a really close call. I am sure you all wanted to know this, but it's humorous. HUMOROUS, PEOPLE! Seeing my house come into view was almost a religious experience. The garage door opened on my first try. The world was working in my favor (and it had BETTER, after that little .5lb incident yesterday!)

So I feel light as a feather now! And hopefully tomorrow I'll be below this 123 that seems to like hanging around. Till then...

Yesterday's exercise:
Ran/walked 3 miles outside

Yesterday on my plate was:
1/2 grapefruit with Splenda
100g ground beef
100g chicken
A chunk of cucumber
1 small apple
Like 8 peanuts (OOOHHH SNAP!)

Weight tracking:
-.5lb today
-9.5 this round
-20lbs overall

Your Neighborhood Little Shit,


  1. That was just toooo funny! You sure are bold for going out to run after drinking that tea. That stuff sure does work, but not smoothly for me either. I try to stay as close to a bathroom as possible... I bet you will now too won't cha? I know that wasn't funny at the time... all I can say is WHEW!

    Congrats on that loss.

  2. Funny! Congrats and I can't wait to get that number as well. I worked out today for the first on the vlcd and I felt so exhausted today. I enjoy reading your blog. Its full of character! LOL. Good Luck!!

  3. OMG - you are WAY TOO FUNNY - a moving experience, you go girl!!! Can't wait to see what the scale gives you tomorrow!