Thursday, April 9, 2009

R2 VLCD #25 - Say You'll Never Let Go, Jack, Never Let Go

Last night... I almost gave up.

Actually, I DID give up. I was done! Fin! Over! You coulda stuck a fork all the way THROUGH me I was so done. I decided that this morning I was not going to take a shot, and just start my transition into P3. I was feeling WEAK! I had had it. I wanted "real" food. I wanted to lift weights again. I wanted a "normal" life back!

SO weak, that I had several FINGERS-FUL of FROSTING. Yes FROSTING! You read that correctly. Not peanut butter, not cream cheese, not Walden Farms no-cal caramel dip.... FROSTING.

And a bite of S's dinner, which definitely included carbs. And maybe 15 or so cashews. 

This morning, I realized I was wrong. I woke up and didn't want to stop hCG. I felt renewed. I didn't feel too guilty about my little deviation (I think I actually needed some sugar) and I definitely didn't want to stop! 

So I didn't! I TOOK that shot. STRAPPED on my running shoes. And CONQUERED my weakness. 

And ya know what? That little bit of sugar sure made my run this morning pleasant. I didn't feel weak at all. And today still I feel great. 

I have actually been contemplating something that'd probably be pretty controversial. Not contemplating DOING it per say since I'm about done, but thinking it may be helpful, for some people. 

Perhaps during the protocol, after a few weeks of your VLCD, you need to take a day, have a small meal with something carb-y or sugar-y (not a lot - mind you - but enough to rejuvenate you a bit). Your brain has a hard time running off ketones all the time says S, so after a while it gets TIRED OF THIS and you crave, mentally and physically, sugars and carbs. Then the next day, take the gain or stall if you have one, into stride, and carry on. This may help people. I sure feel a helluva lot better today, where last night I was DONE. And I still lost a half of a pound! Granted - I think it would have been more had I not deviated, but I'm ok with it. I feel that I could go for another week. Or longer (I'm not though). I definitely retained some water from that frosting... I was SO THIRSTY for the rest of the night after eating it. SOOOO thirsty!

Now I'm not going to go out and tell people to do this, it's just a thought. And I think some would have a hard time sticking to just a little bit, or not doing it over and over again. 

Well there ya have it. Now here I go, journeying into the end of my round, full force and ready to TAKE IT ON!

Yesterday's exercise:
Ran almost 3 miles (smooth move interruption!)

Yesterday on my plate was:
1/2 grapefruit with Splenda
100g chicken
A chunk of cucumber
1 green apple
100g beef
15 or so cashews
Several fingers-ful of frosting
A glass of pinot noir
A bite of S's dinner

Weight tracking:
-.5lb today
-10lbs this roun
-20.5lbs overall



  1. You will probably hear alot of different opinions about this, but here's mine. You are a runner and your body needs more energy than others on this protocol that aren't expending as much energy. I've been on both sides of the coin, and I went through what you're describing. I find it much easier to forgo the workouts while on P2 because of weakness & hunger. I absolutely do not have those same issues when I don't workout on P2. I really admire you for pushing through it though. I couldn't handle it. That being said... I believe that this is the reason that you needed a little jump start with some extra carbs and sugars. Believe me, your body is metabolizing way faster than non-exercisers (that might be a word.. LOL)

    I will say this though. I am beginning to believe that we do need to mix it up a bit once our weight loss slows to a crawl. After my trial with a raw food diet, I seem to be losing much faster than I normally do at this stage of P2 so there might be something to that. I almost wish I had more weight to lose so I could test the theory further... uh... no I don't :)

    Sorry about rambling on your blog & Congrats on getting over that hump. I'm so glad you didn't quit!

  2. I believe a shake up is good. That is precisely why I totally believe in cycles - this is precisely the reason.

    And remember, that Dr S did advocate taking sugar is the blood sugar was low, he says "two heaping teaspoons" - and he didn't mention if this would change the diet, and you know he mentioned everything.

    So whatever works my friend, whatever works.

  3. Ohhh... can I RELATE to that post. I think that you are absolutely right. The hours and day after I ate some homemade starchy stuff... I felt like a million bucks. I stalled, but I felt good. Everyone is different, and some can subsist on this diet alone. I had a rough time of it this round. I think the periodic infusion of carbs helped me mentally & physically, though it did slow my progress quite a bit.

    To each their own...